”Books are a way for us to learn from people we admire, but from whom we can’t meet.“ Reading is one of the best ways to open our minds to different ideas and perspectives.

There’s a lot of information in the world. People spend their lives working to gain knowledge and experience in specific areas or areas. We cannot learn all the information on the world from a few hundred pages of books, but by reading, we can greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience of other people.

Because there is a close relationship between reading and success (personal and financial success). However, a culture called gel read to read “developed. And people began to boast the number of books they read.

Because we have an opinion that the number of books we read determines how cultured and intellectual we are. Through this view, people began to read and read the books they read.

If Steve Jobs has added something to himself from a book he reads, we can probably add something to ourselves when we read that book. But there is a fact that every book reader talks differently. In other words, even if everyone reads the same book, everyone else adds the book itself.

When choosing books, the advice of others can be important, but there are hundreds of thousands of books that have received good reviews.

This means that discovering your own intellectual curiosity and creating a special perspective for yourself is the most valuable thing you can add to yourself.

1-To Win Friends And Influence People

Some people don’t like the book because they find the language of the book. But this book is a key to building productive human relations. Because we are so interested in what is happening in our own world today that we are overlooking what is happening in the worlds of people around us.

The Art of Winning and Influencing People reminds us very well how we can build strong professional relationships with people. The book tells us things that we can easily apply in our lives.

2-Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman

For a long time, economists have been hypothesizing that human beings are rational. But it doesn’t take much time to find examples to prove that this is not true.

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, author of Fast and Slow Thinking, presents many examples in the book where people are influenced by the situational context. Having influenced many areas, including ideas, economics, medicine and politics, the author brings together the results of many years of research in this book.

It allows us to look at different perspectives by keeping a different light on our thoughts. Entering a lively conversation with the reader in the book, the author teaches when we can trust our intuition and when to think slowly.

3-The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini

Robert B. Cialdini wrote this book in his memoirs to Fast and Slow Thinking (although Fast and Slow Thinking is a book that came out years ago). The Psychology of Persuasion is a bedside book describing the persuasion and persuasion process in every aspect of life.

For example, when you work with a company or talk to a friend, you often have to convince them to accept your opinion. You may have great reasons to support your own idea, but that doesn’t mean that your company or your friends will support you.

This book, in addition to the finer details you need to know to assert your own ideas to other people, also tells the readers in an understandable way how to have the ability to convince in business, trade, marketing, daily life and love.

4-Adam Grant Orjinaller

One of the biggest challenges in life is to think freely. However, there are numerous external factors that enable us to act according to the ideas of others.

In his book How the Originals, Non-Fits the World Moves Forward, Adam Grant tells about the most original people ever born. Grant actually says that everyone can have a successful life, and it offers a great way for his readers to have such a life.

Grant tells of how success and life are in fact related to how we approach him. To live a more full and successful life Originals is a very fun book to read.

Everybody has bad habits. The difference between successful people and other people is to be aware of these bad habits and to do something to change them.

In the book The Power of Habits, Charles Duhigg shows us ways to get rid of these bad habits and how we can prevent these habits from interfering with our lives.

Using examples and tactical advice in the book, Duhigg makes the book a way that everyone can apply to his or her life.

5-Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

We have the power to have a better version of our lives. The Alchemist is a classic work that tells us about this journey. The Alchemist is a very powerful book for someone who is trying to chase after his passions and ignore the bad noises around him.

The book tells the story of an Andalusian shepherd. The alchemist is a great source of motivation for those who wish to listen to their heart and pursue their own truths.


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