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The Life and Success Story of Robert Bosch


Would you like to read the life story of Robert Bosch, the founder of Bosch, who works in many fields from drill to washing machine, air conditioner and lawn mower and identifies with “quality?? So let’s start?  

1. Robert Bosch as a Young

In his youth there was almost no indication that Robert Bosch would one day be a successful businessman. He was neither a very passionate young man nor an interest in machines. But his endless curiosity and desire to learn gave him a tremendous career. Robert Bosch’s father Servatius Bosch was born on September 23, 1861 in Ulm, Germany. He was a farmer, a hotel man, and a brewer. Her mother was Maria Margaretha.

Robert Bosch, who went to the technical vocational high school in the current sense, was not a bright student here. “My school life was hard. Our teachers were either old or dying during the term. ” But because of his talent, he managed to become one of the class’s relatively successful students, but he was never a brilliant student. B I didn’t have the patience and determination to succeed. “

Although he wanted to study a department such as zoology or botany, he did not go to university. Under the direction of his father, an apprentice was given to become a technician.

In 1876-1879 he worked as an apprenticeship with Wilhelm Maier, a technician and optician. However, Bosch did not learn much in this workshop because he did not fall on Maier. After his apprenticeship, he worked as a casual employee in various companies and increased his experience. He did his military service for a year.

As for the soldier, he began to take classes without registering at a technical university in Stuttgart. Although he did not learn much here, he became familiar with what he called deyim technical terminology.. In other words, voltage, current, horsepower, torque had learned such concepts.

On May 22, 1884, at the age of 22, he boarded a ship from Rotterdam to New York. Two weeks after arriving in the US, he joined a factory manufacturing an electronic device owned by Edison. In this factory, things like bulbs, thermometers, phonographs were produced.

Everything here did not go rosy and left work. He suffered a lot of unemployment until he got back to work at Edison Machine Works.

They were engaged through a letter to his friend’s sister Anna Kayser and Bosch decided to return to Germany. On his way back, he stopped in England and decided to work at the Siemens Brothers factory in London for about six months. In 1885 he returned to Germany and got engaged to Kayser.

2. Robert Bosch as wife and father

Life wasn’t easy for him. Her two children died at an early age. Her first marriage ended in a divorce. Robert Bosch nevertheless married again and lived a happy and long life.

Robert Bosch, who wrote long letters to Anna Kayser, who was his future wife in the USA and England, said: Sen At any cost, you will be mine. ” And so did he.

Anna and Robert married in 1887 in Stuttgart. In 1888 and 1889 she had two children, Margarete and Paula. In 1891, their third child, Robert, was born. Her fourth child, Erna, was born in 1893 and died a year later. Throughout his business life, the success of the company was growing and business was growing.

Robert Bosch, on the other hand, was spending weekends for his family. Margarete Bosch, Bosch’s daughter, recounts: Ken As a child he taught us many things and made us always curious kids. ” In 1910-1911, as the wealth of the family increased, so did the standards of living. They built a magnificent villa in Stuttgart.

Robert Bosch introduced his son of the same name to the business world at an early age. Robert, 11, was responsible for the company’s inventory.

He was also an apprentice at the company. Little Robert Bosch, however, suffered from multiple sclerosis in 1920 and died in 1922. Because of this sadness, the relationship between Anna Bosch and Robert Bosch was gradually opened and their marriage ended in 1927.

In the same year, Robert Bosch married 39-year-old Margarete Wörz. 66-year-old Robert Bosch and 39-year-old Margarete Wörz had two more children, Robert and Eva.

When the Nazis came to power, Robert Bosch withdrew from his business life and devoted much of his time to his family. Margarete Wörz was Bosch’s wife, assistant and advisor. Wörz, who called his friends and gave parties to their homes in the years when the Nazis rose, tried to prevent Bosch from losing hope.

Robert Bosch died on March 12, 1942, but the Nazis even took care of his funeral and organized an official funeral.



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