Some 2,000 billionaires around the world have had this chance at a very young age. Some of them are rich in family and some of them come with fingernails. All of them have a different story and lifestyle. Here are the different features of the world’s youngest 5 billionaires …


Alexandra Andresen, born in 1997, has over $ 1 billion in assets acquired at the age of 16.

That makes him the youngest billionaire in the world. Andresen’s wealth of about $ 1.3 billion comes from Ferd, a 100-year asset management company, including Tiedemanns cigarettes.

His Norwegian father transferred a 42 percent stake in 2007 to his daughters.

The 20-year-old billionaire beauty’s greatest passion is horses rather than luxury.

It is known that there are 4 breed horses and takes care of their care to the finest detail. Alexandra is also a member of the Norwegian equestrian team.

Although he says he loves nightlife, he doesn’t share much and prefers to have fun out of sight.

He usually shares hiking, horseback riding and camping or visiting places.

He usually shares hiking, horseback riding and camping or visiting places.

One of his favorite places in India, Andresen, recently shared interesting frames from his trip to Mumbai.


Her sister Katherina has a slightly more ostentatious lifestyle and is not afraid to share it.

In 2005, their father shared most of his wealth equally to his two daughters.

Katherina loves horseback riding. He often shares on Instagram page.

In the eyes of careful followers expensive bags and accessories do not escape.


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