Business idea 1: Selfie Stick / Selfie Tripod

When we were attending a conference in late 2017, we noticed that there were too many Youtubers and vloggers around, and that these people were using tools that were not at all suitable for what they were doing. We watched them repeatedly stretch and hold the cameras in their hands and then try to fix them on a flat surface.

The instruments they used were cumbersome, laborious and time consuming to use and even sad to watch. We thought to ourselves, “There must be a better way to do this.” But there was no such thing. That’s why we invented SwitchPod in the next 14 months. Switch The SwitchPod, which can be described as a foldable tripod, is folded into a selfie stick in seconds thanks to its smart design.

This makes it easy to switch from manual shooting to tripod shooting, and SwitchPod becomes the ideal tool for people doing their own cameramen with vloggers. What’s more, the SwitchPod is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about breakage. In fact, it is so durable that your camera will probably fail before.

Business idea 2: Automatic Dog Toilet

Dogs are our best friends and loyal friends. But the dog brings great responsibilities besides ownership. You need to take care of them and take them out when they need them.

Inubox is taking a step by using a tried and tested method to provide you with an alternative and to meet your dog’s needs without leaving your home. Introduced at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Fair, the automatic in-house dog toilet is now available on the Kickstarter site.

The device that determines the waste left behind after your friend finishes the job, starts to clean itself off. After the Inubox is turned off, your dog’s feces are removed from the platform and re-opened, ready for the next use. The feces that are cleaned from the platform regardless of solid or liquid are kept in closed bags.

After the automatic toilet is filled, the wastes put in a completely closed bag become easily to be sent to the trash. Closing the bags tightly, Inubox also ensures that no part of your home smells.

Business idea 3: Robot Pinball Trainer

f you like playing pinball and can’t find someone to play. And if you have a foosball table in your home, this new Foosfit campaign started at Kickstarter is for you.

Helping you develop your skills, this robot friend leads the opposing team. If you can make friends with your trainer, you can use them to destroy them in the game. The aim of the device is not to eliminate the mutual gaming experience, but to help players improve their abilities to become more competitive.

This is not something that can be achieved without a competitor. Foosfit can show different game methods through the application that you will download to your Android phone (No apps for iOS yet). The device can also be easily installed on almost any pinball table.

Business idea 4: Pocket-Fit Drone

For years, the drone market has been dominated by a few big companies and sold quite nice but expensive drones. Now that the technology used in drones has become cheaper and more accessible, many new names have rolled up their sleeves and started to work.

Nowadays, many new brands are trying to get a big share from the market and they come up with high-quality and affordable drones. One of these drones is the fourth and most advanced model of Micro Drone 4.0 called Micro Drone series. On We integrated the automatic navigation system to release control, which is the basic requirement of enabling advanced autonomous flight capabilities.

Ind The creators of the drone who explained on the project page on the Indiegogo website continue: reveals photos and videos. The micro-drone 4.0’s two-axis gimbal eliminates this problem. Whether you’re diving into the world of drones or buying a new drone, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for these fun gadgets anymore. ”


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