Today we live in a world that we can call extremely materialistic, and we are all programmed to become obedient consumers from a young age without even realizing it.

Every day, we are exposed to the average number of marketing messages, we can barely get a job that we don’t like and we spend it all to get the things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like. But we’re more than just a dramatic increase in productivity over the past 20 years.

So much so that an average working unit can create more value than ever. Nevertheless, employee salaries do not increase proportionally. Mostly it stays at the same level, and sometimes even salaries fall.

All the beneficial outcomes of this process (you can call it “high profit eniz) are shared by the employer or the owners of the company. It is this fundamental factor that underlies that the rich people become richer and the poor become more and more impoverished.

It is a fact that the average world citizen has access to much more commodities than before. The surplus of commodities has never been as high as it is today.

But what is so sad at this point is that the situation of commodities does not improve because even though productivity and salaries are increasing from time to time, people find themselves more and more in debt. Many of us are under another debt to buy something that we will probably never need.

Being an Obedient Consumer

There are so many reasons and motivations for you to buy new things every day: because you need that sense of satisfaction when you buy, you work so hard that you deserve what you buy, feel better or feel better by others. you want to be noticeable or you think that something new will add excitement to your life siniz You can create many similar reasons for yourself.

It’s easy to spend money. The money you earn through your busy hours is an electronic symbol for you, and the fastest link to this symbol is a plastic card that doesn’t even make you think it’s real money. It’s just numbers. You come across something you like. Then you remove this plastic from your pocket, you start to feel good quickly.

Don’t you have enough money? No problem. You have a few decades to live, and of course you’ll have more days to work hard and earn some money. Banks are aware of this situation and already have their eyes on your future earnings. That’s why it’s easy for you to get into debt and get what you want. Everything just looks at your signature.

In fact, you can’t afford to buy a big screen TV, a very cool car, a big modern house. Dozens of shoes, trousers and other clothes. Travels that you dream of going out for a long time and you already think you deserve. You have so many options to spend money that it doesn’t matter if you have that money.

However, the sense of short-term satisfaction from having something new can turn into a sense of destruction in the long run because being in debt means some kind of slavery. Having things above your purchasing power will damage your freedom and potential, your health and your relationships sooner or later because of the pressure you feel. The more you buy what you cannot afford to buy, the narrower the boundaries of the world you enter into, the greater your slavery.

One of the problems is that what you see around you is not what it actually looks like. Your neighbor has a bigger house than yours and the car he drives can be a more expensive car, he can wear much more luxurious clothes… But in fact, he has to go to his hated job like a slave every day to pay off the debts he gets, and the things he has to escape from the reality he can’t bear to face. nothing else.

Having material things in life may not always mean that you are rich or happy. Almost anyone can easily go to any bank and buy a consumer loan to buy new cool stuff and enslave their future. But sooner or later you will not become one of these material assets, they will become your owners. You’ll lose your freedom, your happiness will fly away, and all you have to do is work a little more each day to pay your debts.

The general opinion in humans is that it is often possible to overcome a financial difficulty only by working hard. But sooner or later, having more money is rarely a cure for financial difficulties. It is not possible to buy the discipline you need to have in relation to your financial situation with money. That’s why most people who win the super lottery go bankrupt right after they win the money. Therefore, it is very important that you can discipline yourself economically, regardless of your earnings.

Don’t just try to look rich, work hard and get the discipline to really get rich. Things taken with credit cards mean slavery. To live a consistent and simple life, not to spend money like crazy, and most importantly, not to get into debt means freedom. Because only this way you have many options, and remember, the more options you have, the more free you are.

Being an Innovative Manufacturer

The vast majority of people lead a consumer life. Many are forced to live in debt for this. They enslave themselves and narrow the options they have. But by its very nature, the earth also has people who live in other ways, so that they supply their products to the majority mentioned in the previous sentence. These productive people have a completely different thinking. They feel motivated to be innovative, solve problems and create great products and services that create value. In fact, we all have enough capacity to create innovation, create something new, provide value and produce different products or services. Everyone can be not only a successful entrepreneur, but also an investor, landlord, freelancer, or produce and sell new products in his spare time. There are so many ways to become a producer that you can free yourself from living by consuming by becoming a producer. The sooner you determine your side, the easier your life will be. You’ll have more ideas, you’ll be more aware of the opportunities around you and you’ll be more resilient to the marketing messages around you, and more importantly, your passion for creating and contributing to the world will wake you from sleep.

The transition from a consumer mindset to a productive one can be one of the greatest things you have accomplished in your life. Once you create value and start to prosper over time, you can start consuming. Never forget the fact that producers always tend to prosper and consumers tend to impoverish. Suppose you add value to the world. Think of yourself as an innovator, entrepreneur, businessman, visionary and value-adding. Imagine you are an investor or a company owner. In such a case, you would probably have a passion for investing, saving and producing, rather than spending money.

It is possible to take a producer to a completely different level. If you have a consumer mindset, it is very unlikely that you will think other than what you will get on your Valentine’s Day. In a similar situation, however, the producer will reflect on what he can sell on Valentine’s Day. He will see millions of potential buyers around him who are ready to buy something as proof of their love.