1.Jon Pedley

Briton Jon Pedley has come to the point of losing his life in a car accident in which millions have swam. He was lucky, he survived and became a completely different person. The flirtatious, alcoholic and nightlife enthusiast was inspired by a friend who did charity work in Uganda. He cashed and donated his $ 1.3 million fortune, settled in a shack in Uganda and founded a charity for orphans. Lar I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.

2.Frano Sela

Frano Sela Frano Sela was fortunate enough to face death in seven accidents (including plane, car and train accidents) and survive. His luck wasn’t that much, and after all, he won $ 1 million in the lottery. But after a while he decided that money can not buy happiness. He sold his private island and his luxury house here. He distributed some of his money to his friends and family, and with the rest he built the monument to the Virgin to bring good luck to all humanity. He also allocated a small amount of money for hip surgery. That’s all.

3.Percy Rose

Percy Rose was the son of a drug dealer from Minesota. He went into various commercial businesses, one won and one lost. Ultimately, the company that produced the plastic bag he bought would make it a millionaire. He began his philanthropic life by distributing thousands of bicycles to the children around him. The following year, an official parade distributed thousands of dollars to viewers. But that wasn’t enough. Rose has been a columnist for 800 newspapers for 16 years. He sent money to anyone who asked him for money and thought he was in need. In the meantime, he spent $ 30 million with pleasure.

4.Yu Pang

Yu Pang Chinese billionaire Yu Pang announced that in 2010 he will donate all his assets ($ 420 million) to an association he founded and will not leave them to his children. Panglin grew up in poverty, he knew what it meant to be poor. He founded his association in a way that no one could be involved and inherited from a bank. He left no inheritance for his sons; He believed that this would both protect them from the bad ways and could lead the lives of their children. For years, he would be called China’s greatest helper.

5.Chuck Feeney

Warren Buffets and Bill Gates are known for their benevolence, but Irish American Chuck Feeney is barely known because he doesn’t want to be known. Feeney secretly donated $ 6.2 billion from duty-free shops to charities and needy. Feeney’s foundation, which will donate the remaining $ 1.3 billion by 2016, will close in 2020. Feeney’s desire to die without a nickel seems to be true; We hope that the guidance of the world’s riches in order not to wait for death to share their wealth will work.

6. Yevgeny Pushenko

The Soviet Union had just disintegrated, and geography was ready to explode. Yevgeny Pushenko also took advantage of this time and founded the garment factory. The work progressed quickly, when 1 decided not to become a priest of Pushenko had 50 factories. He distributed all his possessions and went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. By the time he reached his destination, he had gone through all sorts of events, passed dozens of countries, and walked 15,000 km. After this journey he settled in a monastery on Mount Athos in Greece.

7.Brian Burnie

The British businessman Brian Burnie, in principle, made donations to charities. However, his wife had breast cancer, which made him decide to do more. He sold real estate valued at $ 26 million, setting up his own charity to donate all the money to help cancer patients. Burnie also sold their $ 1 million home in 2012 and used it to finance his growing association; and he lives by sparing.


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