Why is dreaming so important? If you have participated in a competition or are interested in sports, your coach has probably asked you to imagine that you have won. How does it look, feel, and sound? It may seem like a strange request to you: retreat into a dark room, close your eyes and listen to imaginary scenarios. However, important scientific knowledge lies behind the practice of imagination.

Imagining, or visualizing, can feel like a hypnosis session. After all, hypnosis is based on manipulating thoughts with suggestion. Hypnosis, meditation and visualization have similar neurophysiological profiles. There is nothing done to you; instead, you touch something deep within your brain curves, giving you access to your creative power. Successful people from all over the world use visualization to make their dreams come true.

Visualization, dreaming, is a focused dream. Matter is the mind. To create a life from the void in our brain. If we go a little deeper, visualization is not about winning, it’s more about improving yourself. With visualization you can create a new world from your own energy and desires. There are many reasons why you can benefit from your development as a person. And there are many ways you can do that. Here are 6 reasons to make visualization routine for your personal development:

1- Visualization increases courage.

Visualization provides the strength and courage to tackle difficult tasks. Afraid to go on stage? Are you nervous about your upcoming performance? Don’t know how to win the contest? Using visualization activates hormones and synapses, making it easier to reach your goal.

When you set up the scenario in your mind, the situation you will encounter in real life will become more familiar and easier. You will feel as if you have done it before. And you’ve already done it in your brain.

2- Visualization fights negativity.

Visualization brings positive moments to a world full of negativity. Most of the time people respond to dreams like, nasıl How are you going to do that? ’Or acak It will be very difficult to achieve.

’ And of course it will be difficult, but you are ready for this challenge. You can live your dreams despite what others say during a visualization session. It is also an effective way to deal with negative sounds in your mind.

3- Visualization increases creativity.

Visualization allows you to experience creative moments. Our mind needs it. We tend to exist in the boundaries of time and planned spaces. Getting this practice that will free your mind from the boringness of daily life will allow you to relax spiritually.

4- Visualization collects energy.

Visualization uses the law of attraction, which facilitates the construction of imagination. Attention to the energy flows almost there. Do you want something bad? Then pay attention to what you want in a healthy, optimistic way.

The more you imagine yourself living the life you want, the sooner the universal energies will be with you and give you what you want. Remember, however, that being proactive is necessary and supports your visualization practice.

6- Visualization encourages the purpose.

Visualization enhances your belief in yourself and creates a satisfying life. When you lose hope, we lose too much. Hope is the catalyst of change. A life full of desire is worth the effort. Find out what you desire and dream about it at every opportunity. Grieve. On the contrary, you will find that these personalized desires drive you to ways you think are impossible. Visualization makes it possible, but you must first believe it.

If you are convinced of the benefits of visualization, let us now come to you. There are many options, all you need to do is find the one that suits you best.


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