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Bitcoin rich list 2019


In 2008, Bitcoin, the virtual currency that was experimentally laid by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, became very popular in the intervening time. Nowadays, many internet platforms have become Bitcoin for shopping and donations.

Unlike other payment systems, Bitcoin is not managed from any center. Depending on certain rules, the new Bitcoins from ’miners“ have entered into circulation. In time, Bitcoins, which have their own stock exchanges, can be taken from the market value and can be converted from real or higher value to higher value.

Bitcoin’ta whenever you want to send money to the world is possible. This is called freedom of payment. So you can easily make your payment without an intermediary. The bank was a holiday, it was a EFT limit, it was overtime, and there were no problems. You have full control of your money.

Bitcoin operations and Bitcoin operations are made by encrypting over the Internet (secure encryption). For this reason, “crypto money” (cryptocurrency) is also used for Bitcoin. It is not possible to see who made the transfer of money with Bitcoin, for example, because the transactions are made with digital signatures, not with real identities.

The value of Bitcoin is determined by the supply and demand conditions in the market. Price increases as demand increases; the value of thought is decreasing. There is a limited amount of Bitcoin in the circulation, as the new Bitcoin creation has a predetermined procedure and limit. As demand increases faster than demand, Bitcoin gains value. In short, it has all the features of money. It’s also a value for money as it’s handy. It is worth noting that it has a value that is independent from its physical properties like gold and silver as well as its durable, portable, rare presence, divisiveness and recognition features.

Those who claim that paper money will move out of circulation and move to virtual currency in the future is too much. Bitcoin, which is offered as an alternative to the dollar and the Euro in global markets, is increasingly being discussed, and people and institutions are growing. When the first Bitcoins were released on January 3, 2009, 1 Bitcoin was worth a few bucks. After about 7 years, 1 Bitcoin has a value of about 446 dollars (approximately 1350 TL).

Using the virtual currency Bitcoin, the list of the rich ones continues to increase day by day. If you’d like, let’s get to know the Bitcoin rich who is the crypto money millionaire ….

Kristoffer Koch: Norwegian student Kristoffer Koch bought 150,000 kr. Recalling her investment in 2013, Koch made some effort to remember her password, but a pleasant surprise await her. In 2009, the value of the 5,000 Bitcoins was increased by thousands of times to almost 900 thousand dollars.

Charlie Shrem: Even though he is only 26 years old, he is already a millionaire. He is the partner of Evr, one of the most famous gastro bars in Manhattan and one of the first Bitcoin accepting institutions in the area. He is also the founder of Bitlnstant, a Bitcoin trading platform. It is estimated to have a fortune of $ 45 million.

Roger Ver: He is known to be the strongest Bitcoin pro on the market and is one of the largest investors in the crypto-money field. Roger Ver, currently based in Tokyo, is dealing with dozens of projects related to Bitcoin. Arasında Bitcoin, the most important discovery of world history after the Internet önemli is one of his most famous discourses. It is estimated that Roger Ver has $ 52 million in wealth.

Cameron and Tylor Winklevoss: The brothers who claim that Mark Zuckerberg stole Facebook themselves have 1 percent of all existing Bitcoins. Twins who are Harvard graduates continue to talk about their investment and Bitcoin purchase funds. His most famous discourse is: ’Bitcoin will be bigger than Facebook En. They say they have a fortune over $ 400 million.

Jered Kenna: Kenna, the founder and chief executive officer of Tradehill, the first Bitcoin exchange in the US, launched Bitcoin in 2009. He also owns 20 Mission – Hacker Hotels in San Francisco’s Mission District. It’s estimated to have $ 30 million in wealth.

Yifu Guo: Yifu Guo, the founder of Avalon, is the first entrepreneur to create ASIC-based chips which are specially designed for Bitcoin mining. Guo, who is also a Bitcoin expert, has been interested in Bitcoin since 2011.

Bruce Wagner: Bruce Wagner, an American online talk show host, has made huge gains in crypto money. Wagner, who has been a supporter of Bitcoin since the beginning, also continues to talk about Bitcoin with various conferences.

Mark Karpeles: The founder and CEO of MT.GOX, the first Japan-based Bitcoin Exchange, and the founder and CEO of Mark-Karpeles, became rich thanks to crypto money. Kerpeles allegedly has a fortune of around $ 500 million, and the chance that he was with by that time hasn’t been around since his arrest by the Japanese police in 2015.

Eric Voorhees: Eric Voorhees, a Bitcoin entrepreneur and activist, put his signature on many projects. The most known is SatoshiDice, the first Bitcoin-powered gambling site. Voorhees then sold SatoshiDice for a total of 126,335 Bitcoins at a value of $ 11.5 million.

Gavin Andresen: After Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the Bitcoin system, Gavin Andresen is one of the most important programmers in the field of bitcoin. He is also said to be one of the most important Bitcoin investors, although his wealth is unknown.

Mike Caldwell: For the first time, he has transformed the Bitcoins from gold and silver with ’Casascius Coins’. Mike Caldwell, his work as a result of the Bitcoin rich.

Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsham: Co-founders of the Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase. Attempts have attracted commercial success by investing a large amount and became one of the first Bitcoin start up companies.

Vitalik Buterin: A young computer programmer and technology writer, Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Bitcoin Magazine, the first printed Bitcoin magazine. Buterin also owns many projects based on cryptocurrency, primarily Ethereum.

Ben Lawsky: The NYSDF (New York Financial Services Department), known as the Bitcoin face, is the head of BitLicense. Ben Lawsky is one of the richest in Bitcoin.

Zach Harvey: Founder and CEO of the Bitcoin ATM manufacturer Lamassu. Zach Harvey is one of the richest in Bitcoin.

Bobby Lee: Bobby Lee is the founder and general manager of China’s largest Bitcoin stock exchange, BTC China. After his brother Charles Lee, he became the inventor of the best-known alternative crypto-money Litecoin after Bitcoin.

Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair: The Bitcoin payment system, which enables vendors to accept Bitcoin with ease, is the founding partner of BitPay.

Tim Draper is an American venture capitalist who graduated from Andover, Stanford and Havard. In the first auction of the Bitcoins seized from the Silk Road site, the company won 30 thousand, and in the second auction it won 2 thousand BTC.

Andreas Antonopoulos: H Bitcoin Teacher ou. He’s an expert who dedicated a great deal of his time to telling Bitcoin and teaching him. With the book arasına Mastering Bitcoin Bit she aimed to teach people about Bitcoin and answered questions at the meetings she attended, Antonopoulos became one of the richest people from Bitcoin.

Sam Onat Yılmaz: Co-founder of BitAngels. He is known for his work on bitcoins and the crypto-money ecosystem. He is working as an administrator at DApps (Decentralized Applications Fund).

Craig Wright: At the end of 2015 there were claims that Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity was Craig Wright, but Wright was silent about it. But in the end, it must have decided that there was no need for silence, which Wright actually revealed was the creator of Bitcoin. Although this is an important development for the Bitcoin world, it is no surprise that Wright is one of the richest in Bitcoin as he licks his finger. Although not clear, Wright is estimated to have approximately $ 450 million worth of Bitcoin.



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