Apple is among the most valuable companies in the world today. This is largely due to the late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, who has a broad vision.

If you can watch the movie that tells the life story of Steve Jobs, you will realize that you don’t know much of the story. Apple was once a company that hit the bottom.

The failure of the CEOs of the period was almost chewing gum. He was running from one economic hardship to another. In 1996, Gil Amelio, CEO of Apple, began to negotiate the acquisition of a NEXT computer company, now aware of the need to do something worthwhile and take a serious step to save the company.

The owner of the company was Steve Jobs, and Amelio had a slight hope that Jobs was the one who could save the company from its predicament. However, the course of events was completely different.

Jobs convinced the administration of Amelio’s dismissal and claimed that if there was a person to save Apple, it could only be him; even if it meant getting support from the company’s arch rival, Microsoft, it would not give up this claim.

In late 1996, Apple announced that Steve Jobs, a co-founder, would return to the company after an 11-year break. Jobs, 429 million dollars worth of personal company had left the company to establish NEXT.

Now was the time to come back. The photo was taken when Apple CEO Gil Amelio was on the stage as the keynote speaker at the Macworld Expo in January 1997 as a keynote speaker at the Macworld Expo.

Steve Jobs’s NEXT had a solid place in the market for selling graphically powerful high-end computers, most of which was sold to universities or banks.

Apple hoped that Mac production would revive with Jobs’ return. Mac computers were at the lowest level in the last 12 years. Under the leadership of Amelio, paralyzing losses have been experienced every day.

Jobs persuaded Apple’s board of directors on July 4, 1997 to deactivate Amelio and select him as interim CEO.

In August 1977, Jobs announced at another Macworld Expo that Apple received a $ 150 million worth of support from its arch-rival Microsoft. “We needed to get the help we needed.”

In fact, Apple was in such a financial strait in 1997 that Michael Dell, CEO of Dell and one of Microsoft’s biggest partners, said, “If I were Jobs, I would take down the company’s shutters and give their money back to the shareholders.”

At the beginning of 1998, at another Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Jobs ended its opening speech with the announcement of More One More Thing, which he would later make several times.

Jobs’ directing the company to Mac production and getting help from Microsoft made the company profitable again.

Jobs hired a cook named Tim Cook in 1998, and put him in charge of the worldwide operations division. Cook worked for many years at the company and eventually became the chief executive, COO, responsible for running the company’s operational business.

Jobs needed help. At this point in the story, Jobs, Apple, and in 1986 with a $ 10 million investment in the chief investor of Pixar Studios assumed the role of CEO. Jobs, which was produced in 1995, was the main producer of the film “Toy Story”.

Behind the scenes there were various changes. Jobs was going to make big changes in the company staff. Many things had changed in Jobs’ administration; Apple’s café served better food, and employees were forbidden to bring their pets to campus because Jobs wanted everyone to focus solely on company business.

About a year after Microsoft’s huge investment, in August 1998, Apple created the iMac. The product brought together high-performance computer manufacturer Jobs and young talent Jonathan Ive.

iMac was launched in different colors, making it the world’s first witness to Apple’s aesthetics. Jobs had a great role in this. iMac was a long-awaited breakthrough.

The product succeeded in selling 800,000 units in the first 5 months and was able to put its name on the bestseller list.

Jobs earned the nickname “Mac Adam le for this product. Ken Segall, one of Apple’s advertising department managers, was the one who proposed the name “iMac.. The “i Bur here represented the internet, because the device could only reach the internet in two steps. Other meanings represented by this letter were indivudualty and lik innovation.

This Apple-specific name tradition has never disappeared. In 1999, Apple launched the iBook. The product was a great machine that tried to keep iMac’s success as an entry-level lap top.

Apple’s final hit was Mac Os X, which was released in 2001. While the company counted in place with Mac OS 8 and 9, Mac OS X had made its mark on the market as an excellent redesign. The product uses BSD operating system technology and Unix, which is also the foundation of Jobs’ NEXT computers.

After that, things developed very quickly. By the end of 2001, Apple had already opened its first store in California, Virginia!

Jobs, in October, Apple Mac’in a step in front of the iPod created, you want to listen to 1000 songs in your pocket, a digital music player that promises to walk the iPod, the market has made a heavy entry than expected. Because it had a price of $ 399 and was only compatible with Mac computers.

In 2003 iTunes digital music store was created. The store had a weird system where it charged $ 0.99 per song.

The goal was to place iPod at the center of the digital media world. Soon, both iTunes and iPod managed to outperform Windows and solidify as Apple’s official music player.

However, in 2003, the news of Apple’s success was overshadowed by a pancreatic cancer. Caught in the year 2004 to share with all employees of the disease as a secret.

Apple has become a serious player in the market from being a humorous material in the computer world in 6 years. From 2003 to 2006, he managed to increase the stock value from $ 6 to $ 80.

In terms of market share, he was still behind Microsoft, but he was making serious money. Famous figures like U2 and John Mayer were involved in the company’s support activities.

For years, Jobs has been receiving demands to develop a new touch screen design. In 2004, he decided to put it on the table.

He invited Project Purple to a meeting and started a new touch screen development project with Ive. Jobs actually dreamed of a tablet computer, but at the end of the work for the mobile phone was the kind of product to be used.

The iPod series was also growing day by day. By 2005, iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were introduced. In the same year, the first iPods that could play video were introduced, and it was also possible to purchase movies and videos through iTunes.

In 2005, the Motorola ROKR model mobile phone was introduced. The phone was a joint product of Apple and Motorola. It was the first phone to buy and play products from the iTunes music store. However, due to his limited memory, he could only retain 100 songs.

Jobs took a step in 2006 that would be the savior of Mac computers. The company’s former CEO, John Sculley, linked the company’s future to expensive PowerPc processors.

Windows PC manufacturers were using Intel. It was impossible for Apple to reflect this choice on the price of the products. So, Mac computers would be both hard to buy and hard to produce.

Jobs was able to solve this problem, in 2006 Apple introduced a new iMac, as well as the first MacBook Pro, and both devices had Intel processors.

This meant that for the first time, a Mac computer could be installed with Windows.

Apple was at the height of its commercial life. In 2006, the company’s flagship opened in Manhattan. The headquarters of the company has become one of the symbols of New York City with its architectural structure resembling a glass cube.

As the company grew day by day, Jobs’ health was slowly deteriorating. Now, everyone who saw him knew that something was wrong.

Look how weak it looks in this photo taken in a company organization in 2006, where he met with Disney CEO Bob Iger.

After Tim Cook Jobs resigned, he was appointed full-time CEO. Under his leadership, Apple continued to grow and became the most valuable company in the world. You already know the rest.


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