Contrary to popular belief, many millionaires earn money without the inheritance of their families or the support of an investor. In this article, we share the 7 habits that people mentioned benefit from becoming a millionaire. Many millionaires were not born as millionaires.

After his own efforts, he became a millionaire. According to research, about 80 percent of people who have more than $ 1 million in money, such as inheritance or investment, such as without money earned. They also have some habits that help this wealth. Because your habits determine whether you are rich or poor. In fact, it is only two or three habits that distinguish rich people from others. Here are the most common habits and secrets of millionaires:

1. Readers

People who become millionaires by their own efforts put reading at the center of their lives. This habit is the number one habit you need to get rich.

According to the study, 85% of millionaires read at least two books a month. They choose books such as careers, biographies of successful people, current developments, psychology and leadership.

The key to success in life is to increase your knowledge and skills. Take at least 30 minutes of reading each day. Doing so will leave your competitors, because most people don’t read books. ”

2.They pursue what interests them.

People enter career events for regularity and stability, but wealthy people pursue their interests. Merdiven They put stairs on their walls. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will work harder. ”

3. There are mentors.

93% of people who become millionaires by their own efforts explain their wealth with the presence of their mentors. Bulmak Finding a mentor and taking his directives into consideration is one of the most “painless için ways to become rich. Consulting your mentor will lead you to success.

” There are 5 types of mentors: Parents: Parents play a big role when it comes to becoming a millionaire. They are your first mentors. If parents give their children good habits, they will have less difficulty for the rest of their lives. Teachers: Teachers can mentor the child coming from home in the school environment or make additional contributions to the contribution at home.

Career counselors: A mentor who is a career mentor and you are a fan, trust, respect you can give you the key to the door to success. You must select at least two digits one above the other. Authors and books: You do not necessarily have to talk to mentors. This person may even be a writer whose books you love. Books about the lives of successful people can give you unpredictable benefits.

Yourself: You can be your own teacher by taking lessons from your own mistakes. “This is the most complicated path to success. Because mistakes made have great costs both in terms of time and money. However, this is the most powerful method, because you eat cooked fish and your stomach is saturated for the meal. But if you learn to fish, you will never go hungry. You never forget to fish. ”

4. They dream to set goals.

Millionaires dream before they set their goals. They determine what life is like and use it to denote substance by substance. Goals are set around dreams.

Think of the ladder as dreams and the steps as targets. And ask yourself: What do I have to do to make every dream come true? Am I able to do these tasks? What knowledge and skills do I need? Act accordingly. ”

5. They prepare to do list.

Targets are considered targets only if they are 100% achievable and require physical action. Millionaires put their goals into physical actions and prepare a to-do list.

“Millionaires see success as a process. You don’t have to think about it when you start the process. Thinking takes energy and gives fatigue to decide. The habits are valuable because it allows your brain to work for other tasks. ”

6. They create different sources of income.

Rich people don’t rely on a single source of income. There are at least three different sources of income for these people. ’65% of millionaires have three or more sources of income.

They have created these resources over time. Diversifying income sources will result in fewer injuries than economic bottlenecks.

” When we say different sources of income, rental income is something like stock exchange investments, partnerships, subsidiary works, copyrights.

7. They do not waste their time.

Millionaires know that money is a compensation, but no time is wasted. Şey When you put your time on something, it disappears forever.

While we all seem to have plenty of time, it has little value. ” 67% of people who are millionaires by their own efforts watch television for a maximum of 1 hour every day. 63% of them access the internet for one hour at most.

“This gives them time and opportunity to make their dreams come true. They read, learn new things, do sports and know new people. ”


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