You can see passionate people working hard to reach millionaire status with their own efforts all over the world. This is a status that we can all summarize as financial success. We have all heard the success stories of millionaire people and even those who catch this success at a young age. We also know that these people start from scratch, which is the main reason why we say başla by their own efforts.

There are many ways a person can choose to become a millionaire. Some of them invested in real estate and became a millionaire. Some have accomplished this by building and selling. Some have succeeded by investing in other sectors. Some have been successful in making or selling technological products such as software, mobile applications, information products.

So we know that it is possible and that people get this success in different ways. But we do not hear much about the capabilities that these people have, what they choose, whatever way they choose, which ultimately leads to a significant amount of financial wealth, and more important than anything else.

I share with you the six talents that I discovered after all the interviews I made with people who were millionaires in their own efforts:

  1. They know how to manage money

The millionaires, with their own efforts, know how to manage the money. They know how to use the money to make more money. They increase their presence by making their money work for them. Most people don’t know how to make money work for them, and they work for money. Most people spend the money they earn for their personal needs, and the remaining part lies in an accumulation account that doesn’t have much money in it.

Most of the millionaires, by their own efforts, started by working for money, but by breaking their own personal needs, they invested in the rest of their earnings. They never let their money stay in a certain place for a long time. They used the money for business or investing in return. For a number of years, they have been able to raise their wealth in relatively short periods of time by investing as much money as they can to minimize their personal expenses.

2.They know how to build relationships on both sides

Those who are millionaires by their own efforts know very well how to build and develop relationships on both sides. Believing that the breadth of their environment is equivalent to their richness, they develop relationships with people who can help them achieve their goals, and in return help them achieve their goals. By constantly expanding their environment, they are able to help people meet each other and increase their chances of catching opportunities. As their environment expands, the opportunities and the quality of these opportunities are increasing.

3.They can postpone pleasure

People who have become millionaires by their own efforts can postpone pleasure. Most people act according to their instincts and are motivated by fun. They usually spend their money on things that give them instant gratification and no benefits in the long term. Most of the millionaires, by their own efforts, are not interested in investing in pleasures that will provide short-term pleasure. They disciplin themselves in order not to spend their money on unnecessary products or services. They make sacrifices that an average person doesn’t do, and at the moment they live a life that only an average person can imagine.

4.They know how to influence others

By their own efforts, millionaires know how they can influence others and how they can do what they need. Even though the term var with their own efforts l means that they do not receive help from others, in reality we all need the help of others to achieve our goals. For example, a real estate investor cannot have a fortune without the help of real estate agents, creditors, experts, contractors or customers. A large target usually requires the help of many people. The millionaires, by their own efforts, know this and they become talented communicators. They can successfully direct other people to benefit from their services.

5.They find everything

Those who are millionaires with their own efforts rarely allow resources to stop them. If they do not have the resources to evaluate the opportunity, they will find the people who have these resources and make agreements on which they will win. If they need money, they can find where to get this resource. If they need some specific skills, they find the right person for that. Millionaire ones resource minus in their own efforts

they know that incompetence is the main problem. When resources were scarce, they learned to work with the most efficient. To be productive with little resources is practical to be productive with abundant resources.

S The fact that your pockets are empty can’t stop anyone. It only makes empty heads and hearts. Ve – Norman Vincent Peale

6.Know when to transfer a job to others

Millionaires, with their own efforts, realize how valuable their time is. They plan to spend most of their time on activities with high value (most profitable activities). For example, an entrepreneur who plans to allocate 1000K dollars a year and allocate 2000 hours of work-related activities calculates that a clock (1000K dollars in 2000 hours) is $ 500. To achieve this goal, the entrepreneur should choose to spend time on activities that will save $ 500 per hour. All other activities should be transferred to a representative. You can’t expect to spend $ 1000K a year by spending $ 20 a hour on most of your time.

Those who are rich in their own efforts determine which of their daily activities are most beneficial to their riches. They allocate as much time as possible to these activities, and transfer other activities (such as paperwork, management, right-to-left, etc.) to others. They live according to the Pareto Principle – also known as the 80/20 principle – meaning that 80% of the results are obtained from 20% of the activities. By their own efforts, millionaires devote their time to the right activity.


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