Do you want your business to succeed? One of the most important things you need for this is a good business idea. If you paid attention we didn’t say perfect, we said a good business idea.

When investing in a business, we prefer to invest money in a good idea with a great team and plan instead of investing in a bad idea and plan with an excellent idea. Enterprise cemeteries are full of great ideas and bad regulations.

10% of these works are inspiration and 90% are sweat. Our goal is simple. To help you get inspired and reduce your sweating. One of the best benefits of working from home is flexibility and convenience.

We can combine these advantages with low initial costs. Every year, 1.4 million women start their own business. We often see this expression. Orum I want to start my own business, but I’m not quite sure how to do it ”.

1- Consulting

This is one of the classic examples you can do using your previous experience and contact list. Most businesses prefer to pay someone for a few days or weeks at more affordable rates rather than paying a monthly salary by taking a consultant. Getting outside help has become a big trend and you can take advantage of it. This area is quite wide.  

2- Freelance

Start working from home using your skills and contact list. One of the most excellent examples is accountancy. If you can handle all the simple accounting tasks of your own home, you can do this in many different companies. You can earn more money than your previous job. In addition, your working hours are reduced and flexible. Another job we can recommend to you is to write a report. Ideas have no end. There are a lot of women who offer this service to small firms that don’t want to run a full-time secretary and pay.  

3- Online marketing

Women who quit their previous regular jobs can become online marketer. With a few hours of work per day, you can earn increasing revenue. Another area in which women are actively involved is to start website development using software such as Adobe, where they are experienced. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you’re halfway through. The most advantageous point here is that it can start quickly and at low costs. Companies work as freelancers with women who quickly handle photoshop projects and do great work.

4- Food and beverage service and event planning

You don’t have to open a big business. There are a lot of women who sell their food at home and make great money. Profit margins are quite good. If your contact list is crowded, you can enter the food and beverage business. You can read more about cooking at home by reading our article.  

5- Health and sports

Sports instructor, workout salons and many more ideas. You can work with other women in an exercise room where a lot of experts work. Don’t think it’s just for people. Pet-related health practices are also growing. Here’s an example. A woman who was bored and tired of working gave up her regular job. After a short training, this woman started the massage business. This business started with low costs and then progressed and the customer list started to increase day by day. It has taken a second employee to meet the demand of this woman, whose work has shown rapid progress since the starting point. He is now happier than before, earning good money and covering all of his family’s expenses. Remember, your business idea doesn’t have to be a million dollars. If you reach the right people and adjust your financial balance correctly, your life may change quickly.  

6- Interior Architecture

There are a lot of businesses that run this business and are managed by women. Demand for this type of business has increased recently due to the decline in home sales. The women who do this work are redesigning the house with a few furniture or accessories to make the house warmer. Talk to a few real estate agents and talk about your work. You can buy the products that you design the houses from the shops selling second-hand goods. We wanted to give you a few of the ideas that changed women’s lives. Remember, the best business ideas come from your experience or your hobby and passion. Make sure you plan your steps carefully and get the right support.


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