Elon Musk has already become a 21st century legend with both creativity and unique thinking. Even when he was a little boy, he dreamed deeply and took bold steps to realize these dreams. From that day on, Musk seems to have found a way to earn the money he always needed. After graduating from university, Musk prefers to pursue entrepreneurship rather than waiting for a company to discover its talents. Musk is determined to create his own chance to realize his ideals.

Saying that there are multiple sources of inspiration, Musk is currently directing several projects that specialize in electricity and space while running multiple companies at the same time. Cars that are electrically powered and do not need drivers require space exploration, colonial colonization, solar energy and artificial intelligence, while Musk runs from project to project, from exploration to exploration.

In addition to executive roles at Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity and OpenAI, Musk also spends time spending quality time with his 5 children, playing Hollywood games, playing video games and researching new projects. In this article, we will talk about various anecdotes about Musk’s dazzling life that we have not heard before. If you are wondering how the life of an eccentric, famous and very rich engineer (as well as an engineer who specializes in multiple disciplines) is going to happen, you can immediately start reading our article.

1- During childhood his parents thought Musk was deaf

When Musk was still a child, his gaze often drove away, never reacting to conversations and dialogues around him. His parents were unresponsive even when he called him, causing his family to think that their young son had difficulty hearing. The Musk couple, who visited numerous doctors, thought they were desperate when no problems were found.

In the years to come, it seems that little Elon had no difficulty hearing it, but only when he dreamed he preferred not to hear the people around him. When talking to her mother, Maye Musk, biographer Ashlee Vance, she talks about those days: zaman When she went on a journey inside her own brain, we knew she was going to another world. How much we called him, what we said didn’t change anything.In time, we learned not to disturb him when he fell into thoughts. Every time I see him dreaming, is he designing a new rocket; or a new car. ”

2- Designed and sold a video game in 1984

Musk, just 12, earned $ 500 by designing and selling a computer game called Blastar. The source code of the game was published in dergi PC and Office Technology bir, a magazine published in South Africa. In 2015, a software engineer working at Google re-handled the game, rearranging the code functions in HTML5 and making it playable on today’s computers. The aim of the game was to destroy an alien ship loaded with weapons of mass destruction. Let’s warn you not to let the game open and be disappointed, we are talking about a mediocre game that will be far below your expectations from Musk. On the other hand, considering that Blastar was designed 33 years ago by a child who was only 12 years old, the result is not bad at all.

3- He earned the money he needed during his university years by giving a party

Of course, during his years at the University of Pennsylvania, Musk was not as comfortable as it is today. In those days, Musk, a natural entrepreneur who often went to parties and gave parties, thought of putting a symbolic price on the parties he gave at home. Musk, who managed to pay his rent with 5 dollars from each guest, perfected the process by perfecting the process: Musk, who covered the windows of the house with black bags, painted the walls in bright colors and even asked his mother to help him check the ticket at the entrance.

4- Left school

Musk began his postgraduate studies in physics at Stanford University in 1995. Just two days after the start of school, Musk left the school, believing that the Internet had more potential to change and develop society than physics, and founded Zip2. Zip2 was a navigation application that provided maps and directions online.

5- He has five children

Musk has five sons with his ex-wife Justine Wilson. Twins Griffin and Xavier were born in 2004, while triplets Damian, Saxon and Kai were born in 2006, just two years after their brothers. The couple actually had another son, Nevada, who was born in 2002, but died for an unknown reason only 10 weeks after the birth of little Nevada.

6- Elon Musk is actually the real Tony Stark

Of course it was none other than Elon Musk, who inspired Tony Stark, the main character of the Iron Man series, created for the Marvel cinematic universe.Inspired by the character brought down by Robert Downey Jr., Musk invited Downey to the SpaceX headquarters in 2007 and made a small tour with him.When the first Iron Man film was released, director Jon Favreau said that Musk had a major influence on Downey’s interpretation of the character.

7- It was almost to sink

After leaving his first wife, Wilson, Musk had a hard time financially with the impact of the economic crisis at that time, and continued to live with debts from his wealthy friends. Towards the end of this period, Musk invested all his savings (we’re talking about $ 35 million) to Tesla and tried to protect his shares in the company, but he didn’t give up what he believed in despite his money. Tesla, whose shares went public in the following years, is now worth almost $ 33.4 billion, and Musk’s shares account for $ 12.7 billion, according to Forbes.

8- He has one of the James Bond cars

A strong James Bond fan, Musk paid $ 866,000 at a 2013 auction to buy the Lotus Esprit car from 007’s 1977 film. Speaking to Jalopnik at a press conference by Tesla, Musk describes the day he watched the film as follows: um In 1977 I lived in South Africa. When I was watching James Bond’s latest film, I was very impressed when I saw the agent driving his car Lotus Espriti down a harbor and turning it into a submarine at the push of a button. I was very upset when I found out that this was all a camera trick, that the car couldn’t actually turn into a submarine, but now I have the experience to work on the car and make it really convertible. ”

9- He was a guest actor on the famous television series Big Bang Theory.

In November 2015, Musk was a guest on the short episode of The Platonic Permutation of the famous television series Big Bang Theory. On the scene of the CBS show, Musk was shown washing dishes in a kitchen on Thanksgiving.

“Actually, I was obliged to serve the turkey, but the restaurant owner placed me in a dishwasher position when I thought I was being generous while pouring meat sauce over it, Mus says Musk. On the stage, Howard (a character on the show) manages to get his e-mail address after a short conversation with Musk. Musk’s episode ends when two characters share a slice of pumpkin pie together.

10- He uses a tree analogy to explain how he learned so fast

It is not new news that Musk has a deep knowledge in multiple disciplines. Many people wonder how the famous billionaire has educated himself so efficiently and has such a deep accumulation at this age. When one of the participants asked him a question at an event held in 2015, Musk explained the situation as follows:

“Most of the time I feel like my head is full. Sometimes I realize that I can’t focus on a subject as easily as I used to. But I think what needs to be noticed is that many people can learn a lot more than they think. You can’t really learn your limits without forcing yourself. The advice I will give you on this subject is: Simulate the learning process to a tree. A big tree that branches and snags. You cannot comprehend details and short cuts without learning the basic principles – which are the main trunk and thick branches in a tree analogy. Imagine, without branches and stems, the leaves would have no place to hold.

11- Trying to develop the fifth model of transportation

Civilized life offers us a variety of transport routes: airplanes, trains, automobiles and ships using advanced technologies to master us from where we want to go.Now we are able to cover very long distances in a very short time, but Musk seems to disagree with us. Yet only one concept, the Hyperloop high-speed transit tubes as the fifth transportation model Musk, theoretically the fastest way to travel along the California coastline, he says. Hyperloop, which will never break down, will withstand all kinds of weather conditions and can take its passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than 30 minutes, seems to be much more efficient in terms of energy use than existing vehicles. According to Musk, Hyperloop could even produce its own power thanks to the solar panels to be used. If this technology is implemented, Musk predicts that ticket prices will be cheaper than air tickets, and it seems quite determined to realize what’s on your mind.

12- Offered nuclear weapons on Mars

In September 2015, a program host asked Musk what he thought of the colonization of Mars. The mysterious entrepreneur Musk replied: iyle With the development of technology, it will not be difficult to turn Mars into a planet that looks like the world. We can even warm him up if we want to. A When asked how he’s going to do this: iz We can handle this quickly, or slowly. If you want it done right away, we can put thermonuclear weapons in the poles. Of course, I don’t mean to hit Mars with nuclear bombs, but to create two artificial suns near Mars using nuclear fusion. ”

13- He wants to cover the world with an internet network spread from space

On November 15, 2016, SpaceX applied to the FCC to place 4425 satellites in orbit.If their applications are approved, these 4425 satellites will provide internet connection worldwide. As of now, there are slightly less than 4,000 satellites in orbit around the world, some of which are active and some are no longer in use.

14- $ 70 million worth of real estate purchased

Bel Air mansions have a great meaning in America. Musk, which already has a home in the area, which is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in California, has not contented with this and has purchased 4 mansions worth over $ 70 million over time. The houses bought by the famous billionaire are of course ecologically designed. Photographs showing that one side of one of Musk’s residences is completely covered with solar panels has been circulating on the internet for a long time.

As time goes by, Musk, who buys more houses in the same area, seems to become one of the permanent locals of the area. Musk, who bought the first Bel Air mansion in 2012, had paid $ 17 million to this house. In 2013, Musk bought another house for $ 7 million and turned it into a private school for 6 children.Since then, Musk has added 3 new addresses to his manor house collection.

15- He believes that artificial intelligence is the biggest threat facing human beings

Musk is very cautious about artificial intelligence . He even thinks that artificial intelligence can become very powerful and cause people to disappear. In an interview, he stated that he was concerned about the complexity of the algorithms, not the physical strength of the robots. He believes that if the artificial intelligence algorithm goes out of control of people and starts to work on its own, there will be little left for people to do.

Of course, Musk is not the only one who is afraid of the power of artificial intelligence. Many leading names in the technology sector and various scientists (which we are talking about big names like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates) also believe that artificial intelligence should be acted cautiously.

16- Musk was drinking liters of coke and coffee to stay awake in his youth.

Drinking a few cups of coffee and 8 cans of coke a day at a time in his life, Musk confessed that he could stay awake for hours. Musk, who admitted that he had taken more than caffeine more than he should have received during periods of about 100 hours a week, Musk said in an interview that he stayed at the desk during the day when he founded his company.

After a while, Musk noticed that he did not see as good as before and ended this dangerous habit.

17- An entrepreneur whose mother also has the advertising face of a famous brand

Musk’s mother, Maye, was the face of advertising for the beauty label CoverGirl, although she was 69 years old. Of course, this is not Maye’s first modeling experience. Before Elon was born, Maye was the face of many different advertising campaigns, from international magazines to well-known brands such as Clinique and Revlon. Maye, who recently signed an agreement with the modeling agency IMG Models, also appeared in the video of the famous singer Beyonce’s 2013 song Haunted.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Musk isn’t the only entrepreneur in the family.In addition to her modeling career, Maye is a licensed dietitian and nutritionist. She also serves as a health coach with her own office – for almost 45 years! Let’s give you another interesting information: Maye is also the first dietician to be printed on a cereal box (Maye had a smiling face on the 1 million Special K box sold in Canada).

18- Musk is constantly in motion

Musk said in a recent interview that there is no fixed working environment, one of those who think that his office is where he works. Famous entrepreneur: yok I don’t have a real desk. I’m there wherever Tesla has problems. I don’t believe that the company can be managed after big tables, so the problem is almost where I go, and I do my best to solve the problem. ”

19- Has very high goals in the education of children

In 2015, Musk set up a private school for his children and named the school Astra (meaning Astra means going to the stars in Latin). Considering that he is constantly working on space and spending time thinking about the universe, this name is for Musk! Musk, who refrains from answering questions about how the school is governed, says that there is no classical grading system in the school.

20- If you change your Twitter username to Elon Musk, your account will be locked

“Can we please put the real Elon Musk on stage?”

Trying to get rid of counterfeit accounts on the digital platform, Twitter found a cure when an unverified user turned his name into Elon Musk.

The main goal of counterfeit accounts using the name of Musk was to market the crypto coins under the name of Musk and present them to society as a way to become rich quickly. With the same profile photo and name under the tweets that Musk posted, the management of the company started to look for a solution as the number of accounts that responded by sending advice and suggestion emails.

If your account is verified (if your phone number has been added and you can verify yourself), you can change your name back to Musk and continue to use it, but not by fraud and following the community rules stipulated by Twitter.

21- The highest salary ever received by a CEO

Tesla; Founder and CEO of Musk. According to the news of the New York Times, it went down in history with a $ 2.3 billion check from the electric car company. This is not only the largest salary paid in 2018, but also the highest CEO salary ever paid. Of course, Tesla did not present this check unconditionally. In the check, which is presented with various conditions and steps, Musk is entitled to receive the promised amount by following a certain path of leadership and completing the necessary steps. Although it is argued that the decision-making board is concerned with Musk’s concentration on SpaceX, there is an undeniable fact that almost one-fifth of Tesla’s shares are owned by Musk. So even if the company doesn’t pay him, Musk will be making money from the company.


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